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Add ability to pass datasets asynchronously

When you try to pass a dataset asynchronously you get the following message:

Not legal to run request with dataset parameters asynchronously. (12769)
Making asynchronous appserver requests with dataset parameters is not supported.

Passing the individual temp-tables of the dataset works, and is currently the workaround.

Is there a technical challenge that prevents this from being implemented, or just time/resource constraints?

Status update

This is a duplicate of "Allow Asynchronous Appserver to pass datasets" entered 2015-06-10.

  • Sound to me more like a bug that was called a feature because time ran out.

    Problem with passing individual temp tables is, that you will lose all before image data and row-state. Right?

  • I hadn't even considered that Mike (luckily in our specific case we don't need before data), but I can assume this can bite us in the future...

  • Any news on this one?

  • Will this be coming in 11.7?

  • This was mentioned in the release notes for 11.7 ESAP.

    Could this be updated to reflect the current status?

  • Hello Progress, could this be marked as Completed?