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ANNOUNCEMENT - November 11, 2019

The submission of Ideas (product feature enhancements) will be migrated to a new and significantly improved platform in the December 2019 time frame. When the change takes place, you will be redirected to the new location.

Please note that existing open Ideas in this Community are being imported into the new system.


  • APP para controlar los patientes electricos

    Hola! estoy creando un blog de información sobre patinetes electricos , y me gustaría poder crear una app para el mobil para poder ver el sitio correctamente, y controlar la web mediante la app, La idea que tengo es hacer algo parecido a...
  • Salesforce1 type of application for Rollbase

    • Under Review
    Need a Salesforce1 type of application for Rollbase which will help the developers leverage responsive UI available in 4.2 on mobile devices. The application should also provide features to cache most recently used data for offline usage and allow applications...
  • Make JSDO Rest services accessible without JS library

    • Under Review
    The RESTFul services created for use with JSDO work well when accessed via the progress jsdo javascript libraries, BUT are difficult to use directly. A GET request to the REST endpoints works easily, with or without ABL Filters. but trying to update...
  • Can the JSDO support extending schema via Kendo UI

    • Under Review
    • 0 Comments var baseDS = { type: "jsdo", serverFiltering: true, //batch:true, transport: { jsdo: "Demo.CustomerBusinessEntity", tableRef: "eCustomer",...
  • TypeScript Declaration File for the JSDO

    • Under Review
    This enhancement is to have a type declaration file for the JSDO library. Developers using the JSDO have been interested on having a type declaration file for the JSDO that is provided and supported by Progress. This file also can serve as a way to...
  • Application Cache

    Include options for Openedge/Rollbase Mobile to generate a manifest file and include in html tags, allowing mobile applications to be cached. options could include selecting the pages and other resources to add to the manifest. when saving work done...
  • Enable PayPal plugin

    • Under Review
    There are a number of plugins for listed in the documentation, but not all of them are available in the Mobile App Builder. In particular, I need the PayPal plugin for my Self Scanning app, EasyScan. Could these additional plugins be added to...