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  • SSL support with the Cassandra ODBC and JDBC drivers

    - What is being requested: SSL support with the Cassandra ODBC and JDBC drivers - Reason for request: The driver currently doesn’t have encryption capability. See
  • support for streaming output parameters introduced in ODBC 3.8

    · Need support for streaming output parameters introduced in ODBC 3.8 · This would allow for an application to call SQLGetData with a small buffer multiple times to retrieve a large parameter value. This is similar to retrieving large column...
  • Spark Driver - Support for query cancel

    Support clients to send cancel requests to long running queries.
  • Spark Driver - http mode

    Support http mode for thrift connectivity to Spark Server. For example, if the Thrift server is configured to listen in binary mode, the client should send binary requests and use HTTP mode when the Thrift server is configured over HTTP.
  • OpenAccess Server - Validate Java on Installation

    • Under Review
    Product: OpenAccess SDK 8.1 Server Platform: WIN x64 Installer: progress_datadirect_oaserver64_win_8_1_0_setup Concern: During installation, installer does not appear to validate Java installation. This allows the install to appear to complete...
  • SQL Server LDAP Support on Data Direct Wire Protocol Driver

    • Under Review
    Our customers are asking for LDAP support on SQL Server. Made a request in 2015 for the same on Oracle and I don't believe that has been implemented. We're using version 07.15.0274 of the SQL Server ODBC Wire Protocol Driver. Thank you.
  • How many Types of privileges of ‘SYSOPER’ in Oracle DBA

    Hello, Oracle Database Privileges A user can connect with different levels of privileges: 1. Namely for the database: SYSDBA (the root or administrator of the database) and SYSOPER – SYSOPER allows a user to perform basic operational tasks...
  • Integration to connect with PKI Wallet using DataDirect drivers

    We have opened Case 00402752 requesting the ability for DataDirect drivers to be able to connect to Oracle PKI Wallet on Oracle 12C. We understand that Adobe is working on updating their embedded drivers for ColdFusion 2016 that will be able to connect...
  • DataDirect Connect 4.2 Support for Visual Studio VS 2017

    • Under Review
    -Would like to be able to use VS 2017 with DataDirect Connect 4.2 -VS 2017 provides more enhancements as an IDE than ever. Makes it difficult to not be able to use these technologies as DD 4.2 is holding us back -The only workaround is to use VS 2015...
  • Truststore password encrypted in odbc.ini

    • Under Review
    - What is being requested: Truststore password encrypted in odbc.ini - Reason for request: Currently, the ODBC SSL truststore password is stored in clear text in the odbc.ini on *nix platforms. This is a security risk. - Possible workarounds:...