Informix 12 adds supports for OLAP functions:

Please add support for these functions in the Informix Wire Protocol driver.  The native Informix ODBC driver already supports the functions.

Currently when running SQL with the rank function we get the following message:

SQLExecDirect. [HY000:-9272: on SQLHANDLE] [MicroStrategy][ODBC Informix Wire Protocol driver][Informix]-9272

Sample SQL:

select a12.quarter_id quarter_id,
max(a14.quarter_desc) quarter_desc,
a13.region_id region_id,
max(a15.region_name) region_name,
rank() over ( partition by a12.quarter_id order by sum(a11.TOT_DOLLAR_SALES) asc, a13.region_id asc ) WJXBFS2
from day_ctr_sls a11,
lu_day a12,
lu_call_ctr a13,
lu_quarter a14,
lu_region a15
where a11.day_date = a12.day_date and
a11.CALL_CTR_ID = a13.CALL_CTR_ID and
a12.quarter_id = a14.quarter_id and
a13.region_id = a15.region_id
group by a12.quarter_id,