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Support Microsoft PDW

- What is being requested:

Support for Microsoft PDW

- Reason for request:

PDW is gaining traction with enterprise customers.

- Possible workarounds:

No alternatives or workarounds exist for this requirement (other than using a competing driver). 

  • Your SQL Server Wire Protocol driver almost support PDW as far as we can tell.  

    We've been able to connect to PDW (turning quoted identifiers on), run queries, access the PDW catalog to build our tree and we've even been able to user your driver in a test to move data from SQL Server PDW to Teradata via Teradata Parallel Tranporter (Teradata requires your drivers in order to do this).  We're currently streaming data from SQL Server and Oracle to Teradata and even joining this data to Teradata tables, but we would like to add PDW eventually.  

    The only issue that we've found is the DataReader.Close() event hangs when there are still rows to return.  In order words, when the HasRows property is still true the data reader hangs.  

    This could be an easy win for Progress since so much is already working.  We've been told that PDW will be available on Azure in June and with a few tweaks your drivers may also be ready even if there are some limitations.

    Attached are a couple of screen shots showing our tool connected to PDW via your drivers.  If could just fix this DataReader.Close() issue I think we could offer our customers the fastest connection to PDW possible and the ability to stream and join data off of PDW onto other systems.  Thanks for listening.  Please contact me if you need any further information.