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Support for Entity Framework 6

We have plan to migrate our .Net projects, which are currently on .Net Framework 4.0 and Entity Framework 4, to .Net Framework 4.5 and Entity Framework 6 with Visual Studio 2013. We have IBM iSeries DB2 at the backend.

We are hold up at the moment only because current version of Data Direct (4.1) does not support Entity Framework 6. We have already completed impact analysis and found solution for all other components of the projects.

I created a case in SupportLink in the beginning of May, case# 00312573. I was told that the next release of Data Direct (4.2) will support EF6 and it is expected to be released in Jun-July. I am sure there are many who are waiting for this enhancement of Data Direct.

We are expecting that the Jun-July target for Data Direct 4.2 release is still good. Otherwise, our project plan will be adversely impacted.


  • EF 6.0 will be in ADO.NET 4.2 which is releasing August 19.

  • Can I please request that this support, which appears to have been added to the IBM DB2 and Oracle ADO.NET providers, also be applied to the Sybase ASE provider?

    I have been told by our account manager that "...we do not support Entity Framework 6 for Sybase, currently, and this is not on our road map at the moment."

    Is this product still under any active development? If so, is it possible to get a copy of this roadmap to see what improvements are being planned?