Products using DataDirect ODBC XML driver might be categorized as unsafe by security inspectors or IT department since it depends on a EOL-ed component, for which Microsoft are very very unlikely to provide any further security patches to solve new vulnerability found. 

=== Some details ===

Data Direct ODBC XML driver depends on "msxml4.dll". See

You must also have the Microsoft XML parser, msxml4.dll, not a higher version, installed."

According to, MSXML4 EOLed on April 2014, Microsoft suggests using MSXML6 which is already shipped with most (if not all) supported Windows version.

For MSXML 4.0 - "Support ended April 2014; superseded by MSXML 6.0. Customers must upgrade their applications that use MSXML 4.0 to use MSXML 6.0 instead to remain secure."
For MSXML 6.0 - "Shipped as an in-box component on Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Windows Vista, and later operating systems."