Product support DB2 database version V7R3 using VS 2015 and 4.2 hotfix driver(latest)



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Dear Suman:


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Case Subject:  Error building or opening an .edmx file using VS 2015 and 4.2

Severity:  2-Restricted Operations

Product:  Connect for ADO.NET Wks




I have attached a KB article (10839: How to submit an idea for a Progress product enhancement) which describes how to open an enhancement request. The contents of the KB article are shown below.
Progress Enhancement Requests can be submitted through the Progress Community IDEAS. Login access is required in order to submit an idea.

Navigate to the “Community Groups” Group, then select the “Ideas” link in the navigation bar near the top of the page.

Submit your idea under the relevant "Challenge" by clicking "Submit an idea" link. If you don't see this link, click the "Join Group" link on the right, after which the "Submit an idea" link will become available on the right.

As with the dynamic nature of any Communities site, the following are available and more may be added as deemed necessary:

OpenEdge Database
DataDirect Cloud
Business Rules Management System (Corticon)
Business Process Management (BPM)

### Choose DataDirect Connect #####

Typically the entry should include the following:
1. The nature of the enhancement required specifying what should be changed or implemented.
2. The use cases for the proposed idea (enhancement) specifying the added functionality of the product as a result of the proposed enhancement.
3. The current alternatives or workarounds for the proposed idea (enhancement), if such alternatives exist, and why these are not desirable.

Existing Ideas can be Voted FOR or AGAINST and Comments appended.

Next contact Thom Renckei and tell him you have opened the enhancement/idea and ask him to escalate it. Technical Support has no control on the escalation process of the enhancement.

John S.



Support Engineer:  John Sullivan



Thank you,

John Sullivan



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