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[JDBC] Support for IBM's JDK library when using an Oracle Wallet

Currently, the JDBC driver only references to Sun's libraries when using an Oracle Wallet. There should be an option to specify using the IBM JDK as well

  • Data Direct provides drivers that abstract the ODBC and JDBC implementations of database vendor drivers to common interface that makes connecting to multiple database platforms an easy task for an application.  In the same way Data Direct should abstract the JDK used so that whether a customer is using an Oracle or IBM JDK the driver works seamlessly.  

    To obtain this level of functionality the Data Direct JDBC drivers will need to create an abstraction layer for the security required for OAS.  This abstracted layer will provide a common interface to different JDK security implementations.  It would appear both the Oracle and the IBM security layers contain the same functionality.  The JDK type would need to be detected and appropriate classes used to make the low level security calls providing the same functionality whether the Oracle or IBM JDK are used.

    I would recommend this abstraction layer be kept a generic as possible so that when other JDBC drivers require JDK specific security features they can easily be added.  In addition, other JDK implementations could easily be supported at a later time.  I believe this falls in line with the agnostic nature of the Data Direct product and will provide an enhancement that is required by IBM and would be beneficial to other customers that wish to use the IBM JDK.

  • Specific IBM JRE version is 1.7.1.