We have opened Case 00402752 requesting the ability for DataDirect drivers to be able to connect to Oracle PKI Wallet on Oracle 12C. We understand that Adobe is working on updating their embedded drivers for ColdFusion 2016 that will be able to connect to PKI Wallet. According to Adobe they said. "PKI wallet with oracle is not currently available with DataDirect drivers. We have raised a request with DD as an enhancement request and we expect to hear back from them end of July 2017."

We would also like this feature added to external DataDirect driver that we have support for and can use in other ColdFusion and Java products in order to have seamless and SSL encrypted connections between the Oracle database and our ColdFusion/Java applications. This would enable all of our database traffic including the username and password to be encrypted via SSL. This is rapidly becoming an advanced requirement across the public space.

Our Infrastructure.
Windows 12 R2 64 bit
Adobe CF11/2016