Using C# and cannot pull metadata for Progress SQL. I am using the following code which is C# and

var restrictions = new string[] { DatabaseName, null, null };

var schemaData = schemaData = _dbConnection.GetSchema(OdbcMetaDataCollectionNames.Tables, restrictions);

This returns the following Exception: Load Failed: ERROR [HY090] [TIBCO][ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]The qualifier 'postgres' was larger than SQL_MAX_QUALIFIER_LEN from SQLGetInfo (0). I noticed a KBArticle that says you don't support catalogs, however, they are installed by default for our progress test server and we are only referencing by database in the above call.

I Opened a support ticket, but this was deemed working as designed, as it works when no restrictions are provided, however, our solution must work with one database at a time and I am concerned that changing this restriction will affect the behavior of other ODBC drivers that we work with negatively, or that it will return metadata for more than one database.