- What is being requested:

Ability for Connect ODBC drivers to get metadata for tables without having read access

- Reason for request:

Here is the use case or scenario that is seen most often in the customer environments. 

There would be multiple personas who would be using the application and working with different sets of users accessing different information from the Data sources. 

1. Metadata user - Whose primary role is to extract the metadata from the data sources that are being used in the applications in the organization and try and determine the lineage of all the assets that are being used across applications. This is primarily used for Data Governance and audit purposes. 

2. Data Integration user: This is the regular user who would be reading the data from the data sources through the applications and would be typically be designing jobs that read the data. Only a limited set of users would have these privileges since this requires access to the data. 

Since the product gets used in the industries such as Finance, Insurance, Healthcare etc., where the access privileges to the users are strictly monitored and audited, if there is a restriction imposed by our application that the metadata cannot be imported unless the user who is trying to import the metadata is either the owner of the assets that are being imported or an explicit select is granted on all the assets, then it is not going to go well with the customers, particularly in the industries where data is sensitive. 

That is the reason, why the customers are not willing to use the drivers unless this restriction is lifted. 

In recent times, there is a lot of focus on the Data Privacy and hence we are seeing these requests quite often. 

This same request was recently implemented in the JDBC drivers. 

- Possible workarounds:

No workarounds are available.