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  • Last Post Date

    I've just noticed that the date of the last post in a sub forum seems to be a little off. A good example is in the Tech forum where the last date for the Openedge RDBMS sub forum is 22nd Feb, but there is a new thread from today. I suspect therefore...
  • Easier navigation for paged lists

    When I'm in a forum or idea list that goes over multiple pages, it's hard to see which page I am on, and therefore which is the next. Can we add a next/previous button, and maybe even a first/last button as well to make navigation easier?
  • Separate the Architecture forum from Cloud Computing & Arcade

    Under the Forum and the Wiki there's a grouping called OPENEDGE ARCHITECTURE, CLOUD COMPUTING & ARCADE I don't see the logic in this. Cloud Computing & Arcade might be an important part of the Architecture but so is the RDBMS and ABL...
  • Reorganize/rename OE Ideas areas

    Under Ideas, please rename "OpenEdge" to something more descriptive like "OpenEdge ABL/Tools" or the like. Several database-specific ideas have been placed under "OpenEdge" rather than "OpenEdge RDBMS", meaning...
  • Ideas about PDSOE or OOABL no longer welcome ?

    • Not Planned
    When creating a POST here you now have to choose between BPM, Corticon, ... There is no option for OOABL or PDSOE. Are those ideas no longer welcome ? The URL ( I have been using...
  • Enable notifications based on keywords

    Since there are now just a few (big!) forums and I really don't care about the forum, I would like to subscribe to keywords rather than forums. For example, I am currently interested in the topic of multi-tenancy. If you search on 'tenancy'...
  • Allow users to edit ideas that they have submitted.

    • Under Review
    It appears that once a user clicks Save on an idea, they aren't able to edit it later. It would be good to allow the user to edit the idea to correct typos or reword for clarity.
  • Click on "Thumb" to Like something -- don't just click on "Like"...

    • Under Review
    I keep having the issue that I click on the "thumbs up" to LIKE a post --- this is what I do in YouTube or Facebook. But I need to click the text "Like" beside the thumb. My suggestion is that we should be able to click on the THUMB...
  • Don't automatically set focus on the search box

    I'm used to the space bar to scroll down the page, and backspace to go back one page. But having the focus set to the search box at the top of the page makes those shortcuts useless. Would it be possible not to set focus on this search box ?
  • Create OpenEdge Express version / Revive OpenEdge Briefcase

    • Complete
    If Progress wants to promote OpenEdge among the young developers I think there should be a free version available for download. This is possible for most languages/development platforms that are in use today. At the time of the possenet initiative such...