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  • Add ability to see who has (down) voted for an idea

    Currently I'm seeing a lot of my (and others) posted ideas getting downvoted, some almost immediatelly after posting them. Who is doing this, and more importantly why (some motivation as to why could be useful for all) On the other hand it could...
  • Limit search on a forum to that forum

    • Under Review
    AFAIK the only search that is currently available is "Search Community" . When I'm already in a forum I'd like to start with a search that is limited to that forum. Now I have to search the whole site before I can start filtering ...
  • Progress Alert and Notification Service (PANS) for an end users

    At the moment, access to the Progress Alert and Notification Service (PANS) for an end users is prohibited. This is very counter-productive. So, I propose to make PANS accessible to all, it will be a good help for both developers and administrators. ...
  • Inbox icon seems to be irrelevant

    Icon for Inbox (highlighted in yellow on the image) seems irrelevant. I always mistake it as a link for my "Friends". This should look like something like an envelope. Can this be changed? Of course, a low priority thing.
  • Site issues: Ideas do not show up in the search results

    • Complete
    If I search for "Switch to prevent creation of a record on buffer copy" I only find a rollbase document I should find following page as well
  • Change default for email notifications when joining a group

    • Not Planned
    It appears that the default for email notifications for all Forums in a Group is ON. In other words, when I join the Business Users group, by default I will receive email notifications for every posting and response for every Forum in that Group. I...
  • extend the list of OpenEdge challenges

    Extending to Rob Fitzpatrick's idea as of 8 Feb 2014 6:25 AM I suggest to have a challenge "OpenEdge Deployment Products" in addition to "OpenEdge Development" and "OpenEdge Database".
  • Pool of knowledge

    Sorry that's a bad title. It may be that the Wiki is the best place for this, or maybe not. I'm very aware that there are a lot of resources out there not owned by PSC that are useful for folks helping themselves. The trouble is that they're...
  • Last Post Date

    I've just noticed that the date of the last post in a sub forum seems to be a little off. A good example is in the Tech forum where the last date for the Openedge RDBMS sub forum is 22nd Feb, but there is a new thread from today. I suspect therefore...
  • Easier navigation for paged lists

    When I'm in a forum or idea list that goes over multiple pages, it's hard to see which page I am on, and therefore which is the next. Can we add a next/previous button, and maybe even a first/last button as well to make navigation easier?