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  • What static "index is used info" when coding help.

    Hi! I heard there is some plugin to help the developer to see what index is used when coding a static FOR EACH. I know it is possible to save code, compile it by XREF and open the output and look for key SEARCH. But this is not very user friendly. Please...
  • ability to be notified about updates on a bug

    • Under Review
    I post this idea it here for lack of a better place, feel free to move this if it better fits in elsewhere. Occasionally we are affected by a known bug in the product (or find a new one). Today we get the bug number and the support case is closed, but...
  • Forum preview of post

    • Not Planned
    If you use the syntax highlighter you cannot see what you post will look like until you actually posted it. It would be nice to have a preview so that you can correct posts before actually saving them.
  • A community group for raising site bugs

    Please can we have a community group for raising bugs with the community itself? Thanks.
  • Native Support in the 4GL of Soap with Attachements / MTOM

    Since MTOM is THE standard format to exchange large amount of data when consuming or offering Web-Services / Soap Calls we would be happy to see native Support in the 4GL. P.s.: the available work arounds (Using Dot.Net or HTTP Client in 11.x or higher...
  • More statuses

    At the DB Info Exchange, Brian Bowman was explaining that he only has Under Review and Coming Soon for ideas. Would it be possible to make these statuses more broad, even just adding the default status of New? There is no real differentiation for an idea...
  • INPUT-OUTPUT oObject:pProperty is not allowed

    • Under Review
    Why can't we use an object reference qualified variable name as an input output or output parameters ???
  • Certify linux parameter elevator=deadline

    • Under Review
    My company is looking for certifiation on the linus parameter elevator=deadline. This applies only to virtual servers. This parameter is known to improve I/O performance by minimizing I/O latency. The deadline I/O scheduler has features that ensure...
  • Add more filters to the knowledgebase

    I would like the possibility to filter searches in the knowledgebase, primarily based on version of Progress. So either exact version (11.5) or at least 11.0 and upwards (ie remove entries only applicable to versions 9 and 10 or older). (If this idea...
  • Create an event in Calendar - Pop-Up reminder defaults to 15 miniutes and appears...

    • Under Review
    Unfortunately, the default value appears to have been hard-coded to have a default value, and the value has been fixed at 15 minutes. There does not appear to be a way to re-configure that for a different default value. There would be value if we were...