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Multi-Tenancy logging for PAS

Working with any multi-tenancy application, there is a need for tenant level logging at all levels of the application for quick and accurate troubleshooting. We have a work-around to add tenant id at the top and bottom of each call, however, in multi-tenancy, tenant messages become intertwined which adds time to the research process. What is needed is the tenant id on each like of the log messages, see example below for what we would like to have, where TENANT_ID is the get-effective-tenant-id( <db > ).

16:49:56.572/56998219 [thd-25] [TENANT_ID] ERROR c.p.appserv.adapters.apsv.Request - APSV(F80A9818551A96D2C73D22AE6CCDD9D87F66B912791D.siappsrv) : IOException while processing request : org.apache.catalina.connector.ClientAbortException: (18318)