Modernize the client sorting algorithm that currently makes use of the –T folder srta file. There are a few points to consider. 1) What we see at our customers on the client side is that often there is much ram that is underutilized. 2) When the srta file is utilized the process is slow. 3) The network and hardware admins do not see any bottleneck because CPU, RAM, disk, and network all have unused capacity. 4) From what we can see making use of more RAM and avoiding trips to the disk could make this process much faster.

This request is true for the Prowin32.exe client and Prowin.exe as well as _progres.exe and _proapsv.exe.

Our current environment is OE11.5.1 and deployment model is client server using client networking license. OS is 64-bit Windows at the DB server and at the clients. OE11.5 is 64-bit at the server and 32-bit at the client.

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Because the client’s sorting algorithm can use only a limited amount of memory. This being so since the dark days of DOS and 640 KB.

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