Suppose a rule author creates a rule such as this:

Rule 5 has a problem because the author accidentally checked both actions for the same rule and those actions are mutually exclusive and so it may or may not produce the correct answer.

It would be nice if Corticon could detect this situation and warn the rule author.

Of course one could redesign the rule sheet to force the author to select either T or F from the drop down and that would prevent the error from occurring, but the point of using the original layout is so that the person maintaining the rules can simply check a box when viewing the rules in the natural language format. The rule columns can then be made quite narrow so many rules can be viewed at once.  

Its also valuable to use this format when setting attributes to string values. To have them show in the rule columns would make the rule sheet unmanageable when the strings are long or there are many rule columns.

A similar problem can occur if the rule actions are adding to a cumulative score.

e.g. The actions in blue are not necessarily contradictory since their effects are cumulative

                                             0     1       2       3

  1. Risk.score=0            X
  2. Risk.score+=100            X       X
  3. Risk.score+=10              X               X
  4. Risk.score+=1                X       X      X
  5. Risk.score=1000            X

But if the author accidentally forgot one of the + signs (as in action 5) then you have a potential problem since any accumulated total will be wiped out. Rule 0 which does use Risk.score=0 does not conflict since it will get executed before any of the other rules.