I am building a validation service in Corticon. One of attributes i am validating is a string (A) that should be a member of an enumeration. I have rules that validate other attributes that depend on this attribute. So what I would like to do is this:

Step 1. receive data

Step 2. Validate if A is member of enumeration

Step 3. If A if member of enumeration, move value of A to A_validated (custom data type), else give error

Step 4. Validate other attributes. Use A_validated in rules

What I am missing is a function to check if the value of a string is a valid value of a custom data type. The workaround, is to to validate the values in a rulesheet, but this would mean that I need to administrate the enumeration om multiple places.

So my proposal would be a function somethink like this:

attributename.IsValidDataType(CustomDataTypeName) = T/F