Even if your rule sheet passes the conflict check and the completeness check you still need to run actual test cases.

How many test cases? At least one for each rule (since being ambiguity free implies that the rules are mutually exclusive).

Unfortunately you still have to create those test cases by hand.

It would be quite challenging (though not impossible) to have Corticon automatically generate a test case for each rule column.

However there is an intermediate step that could be done automatically that would significantly aid the process of setting up test cases:

1. For each rule sheet create a test case (with the same name as the rule sheet)

2. For each rule in the rule sheet create a test entity with a comment property that describes the test case

This could be as simple as

a) copying the rule statement or

b) copying the attributes and test values or

c) copying any natural language statements

You still have to manually fill in the test values, but now you have the details in the test sheet to guide you instead of having to flip back and forth to the rule sheet.

Then once you've entered your data it might look like this:

Ideally Corticon should be able to fill in sample values automatically for you but we might have to wait a bit longer for that one.