1. Can the 'search' shortcut within Corticon be by default set to be "ctrl + F" ? It is currently "ctrl + H" and "ctrl + F" is assigned to search the workspace, which does not include all potential corticon elements. Also, why does clicking search>file and clicking search>search lead to the same place?
  2. Could a feature be added, as in excel, to auto-fit columns by double-clicking its border?
  3. Similarly, could the option to 'hide' optional columns, s
  4. When dragging vocabulary elements into a rule statement, it gets rid of the "   " space between the element and the preceding word. Is this a functional requirement?
  5. I understand that you cannot have spaces within the 'label' colum of enumerated custom data types, and you can within the 'value' column. This is misleading--one would think the label column would have less restrictive syntax rules. Could the name of the columns be changed to something like 'post' instead of 'value' and 'abbreviation' instead of 'label' ?
  6. Could the icons on the toolbar within studio be more easily resized? For users without great eyesight, the subtext is heavily needed to identify the various icons.
  7. When building a rule project, I start by building a vocabulary within the " *.core" window. Then when done, I switch to a " *.ers " window and a new window also appears for the 'rule vocabulary.' If I want to make any changes to the vocabulary, then I need to switch back to the " *.core" view though. Could the " *.core" window instead replace the 'rule vocabulary window' altogether? It already works functionally- if you drag the ecore window to where the 'rule vocabulary' window normally sits, you can drag vocabulary elements directly from the ecore window to the rulesheet.
  8. Is it possible to generate, within studio, all variations of test cases that could be inferred based on the data types/constraints defined in the vocabulary and the rules? Something ideally more intuitive than the 'create test cases case study PDF.'