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Animated Execution of Rule Sheets to Assist Visual Debugging

  • Under Review

Currently there is no way to see what is happening as a rule sheet executes - you have to wait until the entire rule sheet or rule flow has executed and then look at the test results.

It would be nice if during the execution of a rule sheet we could see the actual rule sheet and step through its execution.

For example the rule sheet would highlight the first condition and then highlight all of the columns that meet that condition. Then the next condition would be highlighted and now only the columns that meet the first two conditions would be highlighted.

This process can continue until just one column (assuming there are no ambiguities) is highlighted (or maybe none if the rule sheet is incomplete). At this point the actions would be highlighted and executed.

Execution of the filters could be handled in the same way with the ability to see what instances have been selected by the filter prior to executing the rules. Often rule sheets do not work as intended because of errors in the filters - this mechanism would make it easier to see the behavior of the filters.

For example:

  • An alternative implementation would be to follow the execution flow (as per the "logical analysis/execution sequence diagram" and at each execution step report the values of each condition row, whether the action fires, and whether the action succeeds.  GUI would be nice but, as an intermediate step, even a post-rulesheet-execution report based on the execution sequence diagram and reporting all these values would be invaluable.