I understand that it is recommended way to be used the brms.properties if we want to change/modify the value set of any property.

Sometimes user opens the CcConfig.jar in order to know originally which kind of properties exist and to know what the default values of those properties are and which properties are be able to be changed.

Because your "Integration and Deployment Guide" also says as bellow:
xxxxx properties are stored as a set of defaults in the xxxxx.properties file that is packaged in the CcConfig.jar.

And after confirming and knowing, user changes some properties using brms.properties.
Most of user think a document guide that is user-friendly and useful and helpful for users has explanations for all of the properties in the configuration file that can be accessed as described above, right?

If the property is only for use by Corticon itself, but it is not changed by the user, it is stated to that effect, also, if it is a property that was used in the past version but is not used in the current version and exists only for backward compatibility, it is better to mention that fact.

(Of course, regarding to properties deleted from CcConfig.jar, if you notice this property once in the document, I think that it is not necessary to be documented it in the later document.)

Regarding the current document guide, a part of some values are different between CcConfig.jar and document guide, and some propertied are described in the document guide but not in CcConfig.jar, and vice versa some properties exist in CcConfig.jar but those are not documented in any document guide.

So we hope that not only the improvement and enhancement of the technical quality of Coritcon but also the quality of the accompanying document guide will be more helpful and useful for the user.

Best regards,