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 Business Rules Management System (Corticon)

About the Eclipse version for the Corticon Studio.

  • Under Review

Eclipse version bundled with current Corticon is too old.
The Babel puroject stopped publishing the language pack for Eclipse 4.3.
Please bundle the higher version of Eclipse to Corticon.

  • Several developers in our company request Eclipse Neon (4.6).

    The main reason is the following (from the release notes):

    >> SWT now automatically scales images on high-DPI monitors on Windows and Linux, similar to the Mac's Retina support on OS X.

    >> In the absence of high-resolution images, SWT will auto-scale the available images to ensure that SWT-based applications like Eclipse are scaled proportionately to the resolution of the monitor.

    At the moment, use of Eclipse is very clumsy to use on modern laptops with high resolution and high DPI.