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 Business Rules Management System (Corticon)

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  • Check if value is a valid data type

    • Under Review
    Hi, I am building a validation service in Corticon. One of attributes i am validating is a string (A) that should be a member of an enumeration. I have rules that validate other attributes that depend on this attribute. So what I would like to do...
  • Support for Docker within Kubernetes and/or Kubernetes/OpenShift

    Corticon has been certified and is supported with Docker, however, it has not been certified and is not supported with Kubernetes. Therefore, although adding Corticon to docker within Kubernetes may work, it has not been certified and is not supported...
  • How can I do an ACS assessment by myself?

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  • Web Console Roles & Permissions

    Please add the ability to define Roles and associated permissions w/in the Web Console, so users can be assigned limited access. Today the only difference between Admin and User is the ability to create more users. There is no ability to restrict to a...
  • SSO / SAML Support

    Please add SAML / SSO support to the Corticon Web Console
  • Speed up automated testing in Azure DevOps Build

    • Under Review
    Hi, We use the following command to test all available testsheets in a rule project: CorticonBuildTools\bin\corticonManagement.bat" --test --input test.ert --all --output "\TEST-test.xml" We have noticed that for every testsheet...
  • adding some check logics during saving file whether the file name is acceptable or...

    • Under Review
    Hi, In spite of the fact that user save the file name without any error message, from the hotfix of Corticon, the file name could be replaced with other numeric characters by Corticon without user noticing it. In order to resolve this problem...
  • need "ceil" operator

    • Under Review
    Hi, As we already know that Corticon provides floor operator and round operator , but not a ceil operator. So please add a "ceil" operator as well. Best regards, Hirono