I have few diagrams which we wanted to be stored in a SCM system. Diagrams can be modified by any developer and can be published on local BPM development server and by an automatically deployment tool we publish them on BPM server in the test environment.
We have two problems:

1. When the diagram are published on BPM server from Eclipse in dev. Environment, few files of the package are modified. Checking the contents of the file I see that a publish timestamp is written in the history section in the files. This confuses SCM when a new version of the diagram is available. The files are modified locally and we do get version file conflict. Even we do not change the diagram, we just publish it the files are modified. This should not happened. It should behave like getting .p files, compile and deploy.
2. We add all files of the diagram package under SCM. To be able to easily be published on BPM server by an automatically deployment tool. When a developer tries to get a new version, the diagram file (.spt) are updated to new version. Immediately the BPM Builder -which is integrated in Eclipse-regenerates some of the files which are now in conflict with version of the files under SCM. As result the pull of SCM version is stopped. We can continue resolve conflict and get the complete version only when we deactivate BPM Build from project setup. Which is not what we want in development environment.
I think the problem from point 2 can be avoided if we do not include in SCM the generated files and let the files to be generated by each development environment. But we still have two question:

  • Which are these files?
  • How we can deploy BPM diagrams on Test server using an automatic deployment tool? Which is the command to build BPM diagrams?

In the end there two problems resumes to:

  1. We do not need deployment history in diagram files.
  2. Which are files we should have in SCM and which are the files generated by the BPM builder?

Thank you,