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ANNOUNCEMENT - December 9, 2019

Ideas (product feature enhancements) for the following products can now be made in the Ideas Portal launched on December 9, 2019:

All existing open Ideas in this Community (submitter and date submitted, name, description and votes) have been imported into the new Ideas Portal. The Progress Communities Ideas forums for these products have been set to read-only.

Please use the new Ideas Portal to enter new ideas, and to review, comment and vote on existing ideas. If you submit a new idea or subscribe to an existing idea, you will receive email updates on any public comments and significant status changes made to the idea, to help keep you informed. You can unsubscribe at any time.

 Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Restore BPM Process History removed using the Archiver

    • Under Review
    The BPM Archiver has the ability to remove Process and Event history from the BPM database but there is not an ability to restore the data into a separate 'archive' database. Customers will use the Archiver to reduce the size of a Production...
  • Provide a configuration setting in BPM to change the status of completed subprocess...

    If a process has subprocess, the subprocess has been completed but parent process is removed from portal. The status of active subprocess and parent process are changed to removed but the status of subprocess instance is still completed. I understand...
  • TZ Agnostic Date/DateTime in BPM

    • Under Review
    Most of the use cases we need to handle deal with a simple, straight up Date. Like the End of Financial year. For this, we don't care about the TZ. EOF is universal, doesn't matter whether you enter it in Fiji and you read it from Canada, it is...
  • BPM for JBoss EAP 7.x

    The current BPM is certified for Jdk 1.7 on JBoss EAP 5.2 which is very outdated. Can you please extend the certification to latest Java and latest JBoss EAP? I understand the future version of BPM is planned to run on PAS, but till then running on older...
  • Add Rolling Log feature to agent log file in PASOE similar to Classic AppServer

    • Under Review
    It will be a great if you can apply the SizeAndTimeBasedRollingPolicy to the agent log in PASOE. We has similar functionality with the Classic Appserver. <fileNamePattern>${catalina.base}/logs/${contextName}.%d{yyyy-MM-dd}.%i.log</fileNamePattern>...
  • BPM Portal support for SAML

    Can we please have BPM portal support for SAML? We don't want users to enter user name and password, when they have already logged into their primary application.
  • OpenEdge BPM to support a multi-tenant architecture

    Can you please introduce or support multi-tenant architecture for OpenEdge BPM. We cant host multiple BPM server instances for every tenant.
  • Expose BPM functions as REST service

    Ability to consume BPM functions using SOAP as well as REST as some of the newer systems are only able to consume REST services.
  • Implement History, PasswordHints and AccountLockout in custom security.

    We are currently testing custom security interfaces for OEBPM. We succesfully implemented it to OEBPM, and the settings seem to be working. In the documentation "3. Customizing password security" we can read that options like History, PasswordHints...
  • A single package which includes all scripts of migration tool zip files of OE11.3...

    • Under Review
    For OE 11.4, in $DLC/oebpm/server/migration, unzip and there's only one zip file called In OE 11.3.2, in $DLC/oebpm/server/migration, unzip PROGRESS_OEBPM_DATA_MIGRATION_UTILITY_ALL...