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OpenEdge SQL Width Server Startup Parameter

OpenEdge Development is happy to provide you with an additional server startup parameter that will help with managing data within the OpenEdge SQL Engine.  The parameter is SQLTruncateTooLarge and is available in OpenEdge releases 11.5.1 and higher.  OpenEdge Development has written a whitepaper that covers how this parameter works and how to set it.

It is important to note that this feature is not automatically enabled.  When you enable it the resulting output of your data can be truncated based on the parameter settings.

OpenEdge Development would like to hear from you about this feature.  Please provide comments on what you like and don’t like with this feature through the OpenEdge community.

OpenEdge Development will continue to enhance this feature in the coming releases.  Stay tuned for additional functionality.

Thank you for your feedback!

The OpenEdge Development Team

  • OpenEdge SQL Width Server Startup Parameter


    This has been an issue that has come up in many a discussion with partners. I will definitely communicate this with our partners in south africa.

    Thank you

    A Venter