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Progress 12 conv1112 utility - issue with database access after conversion


Progress 12 conv1112 utility - issue with database access after conversion

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Hi All

I have an issue using the conv1112 utility for a database on 11.4 to progress 12.

This is an enterprise DB with large files enabled, auditing turned on.

The conversion seems to work without error - but just trying to get into the database gives and error.
The list of active features in database contains features that are not reconized by this codebase (11811).

Any ideas - what the issue may be.



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  • Hi,

    It depends on your actions during the conversion.

    Are you using the correct DLC and PATH for version 12?

    Did you make the following commands after conv1112?

    proutil <dbname> -C updateschema

    proutil <dbname> -C updatevst



  • Hi Valeriy

    Basic process ; we have a standard 11.4 database - ent.db.

    Truncated BI as 11.4.

    As 12 - ran conv1112.

    No issues detected in conversion.

    Try to access - get the 11811 error.

    Try the updateschema - which presume the conversion should have done anyway - gets same issue.

            The list of active features in database hr contains features that are not recognized by this codebase (11811)


    Only special features of this database are Auditing - which I presume is in the enterprise DB for the 12 Enterprise licence.

    It had largefiles on which I believe is now "standard" and is not an option in 12.



    (conversion stat)

    [rcust@ip-172-31-5-5 data]$ proutil hr -C conv1112

    OpenEdge Release 12.0 as of Fri Feb 22 18:13:59 EST 2019

    You must have your database backed up before running the conversion. (1024)

    Have you done this (y/n) ?


    VST Table Deletion has begun. Please stand by. (6876)

    VST Table Deletion has completed successfully. (6885)

    Conversion completed, database is now in Progress OpenEdge Release 12 format. (19121)


  • Tried it with another database that is not audit enabled - so could be auditing is the issue.

  • Dump a master block:

    Check mb_fmaDBContent vs mb_fmaDBEnabled

  • Just tried with the sports2000 database for which Auditing and large files support is enabled. No problem. But I upgraded to 12.1 from 11.7.5

    What will the following command show under 11.4 and under 12.0?

    proutil <dbname> -C describe

  • Out of interest, did you run the conv1112 with an OE 12 Enterprise Database License or an OE 12 Advanced Enterprise RDBMS license installed?