Amcor Asia Pacific are investigation data centers.

One of the issues Amcor would like to address is DR. Currently Amcor Asia Pacific do not have any DR so to speak of.

Management are being sold on replicating the Virutal machine (QAD2014EE. OpenEdger 11.7.2). 

A while back on this forum I read that Progress actually has a limited number of SANs certified for block level replication across SANs.

Specifically it mentioned that the blocks have to be replicated in the same sequence they are written on the source because Murphies law would state the the BI file would be replicated out of sequence i.e. a corrupt db.

I am thinking if it hard enough to replicate across SANs it would be near impossible across "the cloud".

Does anyone here "do" VM based replication as a DR solution?

Are there licensing issues with Progress doing VM based replication?

Are any hyper visors certified by Progress for VM based replication?  (Esx or openStack have been mentioned). 

Is the only "approved" i.e. certified method of replication OpenEdge Replication? (so you can't replicate the VM).

Sorry for not being specific about hypervisors etc. but we are only investigation things at the moment.