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OpenEdge.Core for dummies


OpenEdge.Core for dummies

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I am looking into some of the New stuff (for me at least) that has been added in OpenEdge.Core and Wonder if there are some examples of use?

I am familiar With OpenEdge.Core.String and have used OpenEdge.Core.Collection.Array, and find it pretty neet to use. I would like to look into more of it, but find it a bit tricky without examples.

Have there been published any examples using OpenEdge.Core Libraries?  

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  • There’s not a lot doc’ed on it , but Chad Thomson did  a talk on parts of it at PUG -
  • That helped a bit :-) There should be a documentation that give some info about how the different classes can be used in the daily usage.

    qValue = 'A="asdf",b="da111,x=233"'

    I look for another way of getting the content of a Query into an iterater where I can i.e. ask for  value of A or hasValue('B') …

    After seeing the core Library, it just have to have something that can do that :-)

  • There’s also API doc at but that’s not  a “usage guide” or “reference”.