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Impact of index changes on AI and replication


Impact of index changes on AI and replication

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We are needing to make an index change to the primary index on one of our largest tables. The current index is something similar to:

index01 => fund, mem-ext, calculation-date, calculation-type

and we need to change it to

index01 => fund, mem-ext, calculation-type, calculation-date

There are a few different options, and we are unsure what the impact is on replication, AI and database activity for the following:

  1. Just change the index. This results in a rename to temp, add new index, and drop the temp index.
  2. Add a new index (index04), and update the primary index. Leave the existing index there as active and renamed and zz-.
  3. Add a new index (index04), update the primary index, and deactivate the existing index.

We're thinking of leading towards #2, maybe #3.


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  • As far as I know none of these options should have an impact on AI or Replication. The index change will go into the AI and Replicate across.

    Of course, to be 100% sure you'd want to test it ;)

    Be careful with #3 as if you ever do an index rebuild of all indexes then the old index would be reactivated.

  • If the table contains millions of records, the AI data generated from the index work may be significant.  Might want to see how much AI data is created from these tests.