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Slow Queries Analysis


Slow Queries Analysis

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Hello Experts,

I'm wondering whether a way exists to analyse slow queries (like a top 10 of slowest queries).

If you've have some solutions for my problematic, I will be glad to hear them.

Thank you in advance,


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  • Hi Voodoo,

    OpenEdge SQL does not have any such feature to get the information on slow running queries. However, this would be a nice enhancement to have.

    You can add this as an idea (an enhancement) for the product over here.

    This list gets evaluated by Product Management at Progress.



  • Might you not be able to switch on logging/trace in the ODBC/DNS configuration?

  • Why should such a feature be confined to SQL?  Surely all slow queries are worth improving.  4gl or SQL.

    Tom Bascom