How come with OE 10.1A the ODBC API doesn't work anymore. It was working in OE 10.0B. I started the database with proserve -db DBNAME -S 2500 -H host1 -minport 1026 -maxport 1061 -Mn 13 -Mi 1 -Ma 8 -N tcp. When I tried to run sqlexp -db DBNAME -S 2500 -H host1 -user sysprogress -password abc123. It doesn't work.

To make it work I have to launch another server using the following command and connect it to new port (2501);

proserve DBNAME -m3 -S 2501 -H host1

Then do

sqlexp -db DBNAME -S 2501 -H host1 -user sysprogress -password abc123

I would like make it work the way it was before that I should be able to connect to the port 2500 to avoid launching second sever. Thanks