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Import / Export Issue


Import / Export Issue

  • I EXPORTed a new table from MS-Aceess to Progress Database. I am connecting MS-Access to Progress Database through Progress OpenEdge 10.1A Driver. So, it is working fine.

    The issue is that when i open Data Dictionary of Progress Database it cannot display teh New Exported table that I created from MS-Access. But when i connect ODBC from MS-Access or Excel I get the table. So, please help me out on this problem. I want to get the table into Progress Database that I created using MSAccess through ODBC.

    Thank you in advance.


    Amrit Mishra

  • Unlike SQL, in current releases, the 4GL and the data dictionary can only see tables that are in the "PUB" schema. So when you export from access, you have to export to the PUB schema.