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Using PROBKUP ONLINE -REPLTargetCreation for new Target


Using PROBKUP ONLINE -REPLTargetCreation for new Target

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To create a Target database online, in the documentation, in the knowledge base and in Community, it is said everywhere about the need to use the -REPLTargetCreation parameter when we do PROBKUP ONLINE. 

I also always used this parameter, without problems.

But recently I found out that one of our clients does not use this parameter online when creating a new Target (OE10.2B08/11.7.2) and it also has no problems.

In this regard, I have a question. Why do we need to use -REPLTargetCreation parameter when we create a new Target online. What does PROBKUP ONLINE do with this parameter and without it? Why is it important?


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  • Hi Valeriy

    A prorest from a backup with or without the -REPLTargetCreation flag will need to either be enabled as a target or replication disabled in order to gain access to it

    The -REPLTargetCreation itself is important for a replication target baseline, because this marks this backup in the Master Block as being taken with -REPLTargetCreation

    When the database is started, this is very important for the subsequent synchronisation to succeed as together with this flag, there's other information important to for the subsequent Rollforward Apply AI during synchronization

    additionally if for example more ai files were added and prostrct reorder was run, then this information first needs to be reflected before rollforward AI can start from the correct place.

    These aiflags that need to be read during synchronisation are exactly what causes a restored target to fail with "This database has not been properly backed up.  (12425)" in the source lg for example

    as this information is availble to the RPLS in the source db master block

    Typically tests without -REPLTargetCreation don't involve transaction activity between restoring and synchronising

    There was talk of silently adding this -REPLTargetCreation flag to probkup whenever a PROBKUP is taken of a replication enabled source

  • Hi Ruanne,

    Thank you for these explanations!