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proutil bulkload decimal seperator


proutil bulkload decimal seperator

  • Hi,

    I'm fairly new to Progress and OpenEdge, but now I'm working on my first big project. Upgrading an application from Progress 8 to OpenEdge 10.1c.

    The problem I'm currently facing is that the old database server uses a comma (,) as decimal seperator, but the new one uses a dot (.)

    Is there a way to import the data using a comma instead? Like with the "-d dmy" proutil parameter for dates?

    Any help is appreciated.



  • in a progress client session you can see the asci code:

    message ASC(",") .


    You have to start your session using

    -numdec 44

  • thanks for the reply, perhaps I wasn't really clear on what I need.

    I'm trying to use the proutil bulkload option to import the data, but in the .d files a comma is used, the new databse uses a dot. so after the import all decimals are suddenly multiplied by 100 (since there were 2 decimal numbers)

    the file says 9,55

    after import in the new DB it says 955

    or is this possible in the proutil command to specify this numdec parameter?

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    Edit: Sorry for misunderstanding, I got it right now, thanks to your hint

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  • Yes, I understand your problem.

    There is not your new database in cause. The installation of OepnEdge is the cause.

    When you install Progress, the wizard ask you for numsep/numdec separators.

    The installation wizard save this information to the file:

    unix: $DLC/

    win32: %DLC%\

    These information are use by default on any client procedure-editor.

    You have to change, temporay, these, parameters.

    -numsep (numeric separator)

    -numdec (decimal separator)

    I sugest you to take a look to the old v.8 installation and change all this parameters

    to be the same in your new environement.

    Also, the -cpintenal -cpstream are very important, if charset are diff, you can loose some characters.

  • thanks for the advice, both cpinternal and cpstream are the same in both installations (so are cpcoll and cpbase), so I don't expect problems there.

    I already had a similar issue with the dates being in different formats, mdy instead of dmy, or vice versa. But I had no clue on how to fix the numdec.

    Thanks for that.

    numsec and numdec are, as far as I know, new features introduced in version 9 or 10 (not sure), so those aren't in the old file.

    Anyhow, I solved it by using the -numdec 44 parameter in conjunction with proutil -C bulkload, thanks to your advice.

    Does it make a difference if I use both the numdec and numsec parameters there (as proutil parameters in proenv) or only numdec, given that all decimals are under 1000? or should I use them both anyhow?

    You don't happen to have an answer on my other thread?

    No seriously, thanks for saving me from a huge headache

  • may be take a look to this document:!default.jspa?externalID=3241

  • I did, last week, but unfortunatly I couldn't find anything related to the screen-value there.