I have the following setup:

Windows 2003 Server as the monitoring machine with OpenEdge Management 3.1C installed. Trend Database is also on this machine.

UNIX server machine with OpenEdge 10.1A installed. Enabled this machine for remote monitoring using fmconfig -host -enable.

I would like to run the OEM reports Database Table Analysis and Database Index Analysis against the 10.1A databases running on the remote UNIX machine. According to the OEM documentation I first need to run the Database Analysis job against the 10.1A databases. However, I cannot use this OEM report template to create a job instance for a remote database.

Is there another way (except for migrating to 10.1B, which supposedly is able to run remote jobs for remote databases) to get this report running in this setup? What does the Database Analysis job do? Populate the Trend Database with Table and Index information? Can I do that with a custom job (not extracted from a Job template)?