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PROSHUT -by Doesn't Disconnect Users


PROSHUT -by Doesn't Disconnect Users

  • I frequently am having problems getting my database to shut down even though I am issuing a proshut -by. It appears that some users are not getting disconnected, the shared memory segment is deleted, but the processes are not stopped.

    Is the forced shutdown (-F) not a good idea for regular use?

    Is there another option?

    I am using Progress 9.1e on HP-UX.

    Thanks for your help.


  • I would strongly suspect that signals are not getting to the clients that are not disconnecting. Do you perhaps use the "trap" command in your shell scripts or somewhere in you login process? This is often the case in shops where the admin is attempting to prevent users from obtaining shell access (there are better ways -- like "exec").

    Tom Bascom