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AI extent with status "NONE"


AI extent with status "NONE"

  • Hello,

    A have some question about AI Status.

    What is

    means status AI extent - "NONE"? For example see attach file "None_STS_AI.JPG"

    After reenable After-imaging, all ai extents became Ok. But, regrettably file .lg lost. And I can not identify the reason.

    There can be somebody knows, what this such?

    Thanks for any information.


  • Version Progress is 10.1B03 Linux

  • what is the result of:

    rfutil [base] -C aimage list


  • I am sorry, now there all Ok.
    Such repeats always, therefore I  send you result of rfutil , as soon as such behaviour will be repeated again.

    This database not my, it is of my friends, I necessarily informs you about result

  • check also:

    rfutil base/atm -C aimage scan verbose -a [base].a2

    to find some other traces and check the database log [base].lg file.

    I think, the database is ok but the translation in "promon" is buggy.

    Try to use the locale LANG="en_US" in place of LANG="en_US.UFT-8".