Can anybody help with the following error?  I get this when starting appserver and webspeed brokers from the command line:

com.progress.common.util.PromsgsFile$PromsgsFileIOException: Unable to read message number 8296 from promsgs file; errno = -1

The brokers start fine - it just has trouble reading the promsg file it seems (8296 is Starting <service name>.  Check status.   (8296)) .

The persmissions on the promsgs file are:

-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root     1414908 Oct 21 11:50 promsgs

I've also tried with full permissions also but to no avail.  The brokers start with different usernames, however starting them with root user makes no difference.

Any ideas?



OpenEdge Release 10.2A01

Solaris 10