AFAIK client side digital certificates with SSL are not supported in the OpenEdge product. Are there any plans to change this?

Background information:

We are running OpenEdge 10.1c on WindowsXP clients and AppServers and databases on Sun Solaris 10 64Bit servers. In our portfolio we have 40+ applications out of which 1/3 is developed in Dynamics and the other ones are developed with another framework utilizing client/server technology.

In our environment ( banking / financial services ), for any Software solution that processes data which is not classified as "publicly available" to be compliant with the internal SOX control standards it is mandatory to use strong authentification. Strong authentification means that the user is authenticated with something she/he knows ( a password ) and something he/she has ( a smart card which has a personalized SSL certificate stored on it ).

Therefore, in order to be compliant, our OpenEdge GUI applications must make use of the client side SSL certificat to authenticate the users. That would be, during the SSL handshake, the client passing the certificate which is stored on the smart card on to the server ( AppServer or database ) and that server validating that certificate for a successful SSL connection.

Are there any plans to introduce this feature into the product?

Are there any recommendations for work arounds?

Is there anybody out there which has successfully implemented a workaround?

Thanks in advance and best regards,