I've been experiencing a no more resources available lately.

Database default config was max 20 users and 4 servers.

Under that config i defined as follow:

1- Application :

     - 4GL only

     - 1 server

     - 12 users

     - port WWWW

     - Mm 8192

2- SQL :

     - SQL only

     - 1 server

     - 5 users

     - port XXXX

     -Mm 1024

3- Corvu:

     - 4GL only

     - 1 server

     - 3 users

     - port yyyy

     -Mm 1024

When i start the databse when i look at promon 1 1 i see there is 2 serv user that from what i could verify are not used after that.

if a local user connect to the application, it connect thru the brok user.

if a remote user connect, it connect thru a new launch serv user, let say 3.

if a new remote sql connect, it connect thru a new sqsv user, let say 4.

if a new remote corvu connect, it connect thru a new serv user, let say 5.

so if figured out that i needed to change my max server to 5, but why waste 2 serv user?.

so the serv 1 and 2 seem to never be used for connection, but they are launch at database start up.

What are they for then, if there are use?

if not, how can we prevent them from starting?