Progress version 10.1C

OS - HP-UX 8.11.11

A couple of our database are shutdown once a month. The last few shutdowns appear different in the database log file. There are no lines for "BROKER   : (-----) Removed shared memory with segment_id:" or "BROKER   : (334)   Multi-user session end.". Despite this, the database appears to be shutdown and starts up again normally.

The shutdowns are executed with the command: "proshut -by".

In several cases, the last line of the log file prior to the database restarting is: "ABL    48: (298)   KILL signal received."

The log file for the most recent shutdown does not even have this and the excerpt appears as follows:

[2010/06/15@03:04:24.832+1000] P-2179       T-1     I SHUT   48: (542)   Server shutdown started by root on batch.
[2010/06/15@03:04:24.840+1000] P-25953      T-1     I ABL   123: (453)   Logout by mcmanue on /dev/pts/tu.
[2010/06/15@03:04:24.840+1000] P-11023      T-1     I ABL   109: (453)   Logout by scafids on /dev/pts/ta.
[2010/06/15@03:04:24.840+1000] P-4496       T-1     I ABL   136: (453)   Logout by doylec on /dev/pts/tmd.
[2010/06/15@03:04:24.840+1000] P-23996      T-1     I ABL    58: (453)   Logout by morrisss on /dev/pts/tCd.
[2010/06/15@03:04:24.840+1000] P-28652      T-1     I ABL    64: (453)   Logout by cornejj on /dev/pts/thd.

                Tue Jun 15 05:07:14 2010
[2010/06/15@05:07:14.593+1000] P-13451      T-1     I BROKER  0: (333)   Multi-user session begin.
[2010/06/15@05:07:14.639+1000] P-13451      T-1     I BROKER  0: (5326)  Begin Physical Redo Phase at 192 .

Has anyone come accross this before? Is the database really completing it's shutdown, or do we have an issue?