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bulk load descriptor file


bulk load descriptor file

  • tell me this aint true ....

    OE 11, windows 7

    trying to use bulkload , with the following .fd file snippet         

    # Database:  mydb

    paf_Address C:\rawaddress\Y11M09\PAF MAIN FILE\paf_Address.d C:\OpenEdge\WRK\paf_Address.e

    this fails with the error

    Data input file "C:\rawaddress\Y11M09\PAF" could not be opened. (1505)

    Bulk load aborted near "C:\rawaddress\Y11M09\PAF" because of errors. (1507)

    so, looks like the bulkload cannot deal with spaces in the .fd pathname.

    and no, wrapping quotes round the filenames does nothing.

    So, I have to cd to the directory where the .d file is, modify the .fd to specify ./paf_address.d .

    Seriously. This is 2012. Understand that pathnames can have spaces in them. How long has "c:\program files" been present in windows ? Windows 95 ? 17 YEARS AGO ! AAAARRRGGGHHH

    what a PITA

     * jmls is somewhat frustrated with this ..

  • Hello,

    A possible way to handle the spaces in a path reference is to specify a short name using ~.

    For example, your path could be "C:\rawaddress\Y11M09\PAFMAI~1\paf_Address.d".

    This should work fine with NTFS, however, it will not work with the ReFS (Resilient File System) in Windows Server 8.

  • What is bulkload?