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Virtualize a WIN7 Laptop


Virtualize a WIN7 Laptop

  • I have a WIN7 Ultimate laptop that has MS Virtual PC loaded on it.  I have XP in the VM.  The WIN7 native machine holds all of my day to day work.

    I need to add a VM that will be WIN2008R2 64bit to demo SharePoint and OE10.2 or OE11.  Virtual PC only allows 32 bit environments.

    I am looking for advice on how to add the new 64 bit VM while keeping my personal world in place and out of harms way.  I do not think I want a solution that requires a hypervisor layer but would be willing to get convinced otherwise.

    I have looked that the VMWare site and am overwhelmed by my choices.  I am a MSDN Premium subscriber so I have access to all the MS offerings.  I would like to avoid adding more licensing costs but would pay for a simple and elegant solution.

    I'd appreciate any real world experince and feedback.

    Is there a better PSDN forum for this sort of question?


    Bob Brennan

  • Is this for your PUG Challenge presentation? How about contacting the organizers and ask them if they can get special terms for an Progress Arcada VM for that purpose? However I am not 100% sure if you can install Sharepoint on an Arcade image.

    Next option might be an Office 365 Sharepoint setup.

    If you go for an installed VM, Oracle's VirtualBox is a viable option and can be installed side by side with your existing Virtual PC:

    VMware has a free VMware Server product:

    If you have a VMware Server or VMware workstation product somewhere availalble you can use that to build a VMware and run that on your laptop in the free VMware player:

    You'll just have to make sure that you are using a compatible virtual hardware version.

  • VMware Server is pretty limiting, and as far as I know it is no longer being developed.  If you're looking for a free and easy-to-use solution, I think VirtualBox is a better choice.  You won't be limited on the vCPUs and RAM you can allocate.  Give it a try, you should find it meets your needs.

  • Thanks Rob and Mike.  I am going to look at VirtualBox first.  I appreciate the suggestions.  That looks the most promising so far and seems to be exactly what I had in mind.

    Mike, I will be using this setup for the PUG Challenge talks.  It is also a test bed for some other R&D that I would like to work on over the next few months.  That includes while seated on a plane so the Cloud is not really an option just yet.

    However, your Arcade reference got me to thinking.  As a MSDN Premium subscriber, I also have access to Azure.  Either cloud offering (Arcade, Azure) might be an option moving forward.  I will dig into both before we get to the Americas Challenge.