Always, or almost always, when I add a field online I get errors in my broker-log:

SYSTEM ERROR: fmget: bad record or unknown value, accessing field 61 from <database>.(table -1), recid 1064 (13) (14270)

SYSTEM ERROR: Cannot read field 61 from record, not enough fields. (450)

SYSTEM ERROR: Failed to extract field 61 from  record (table -1) with recid 1064. (3191)

** Save file named core for analysis by Progress Software Corporation. (439)

I connect the db and an identical db only containing schema. I make changes on the copy-db, create a delta.df and add it to the original db. No errors occur during this operation. I dont see other strange behavior and this error seems to occur only once.

Database is 10.2B04 on Linux.

Is this supposed to happen?