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11.3 Tomcat Auto Start


11.3 Tomcat Auto Start

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11.3 on Windows.  We migrated from 10.2b to 11.3 recently for a customer that uses a SOAP based web service.  In the past, we installed Tomcat and then set it up to run as a service.  With the upgrade, we are using the TC that comes in the box.  We use OE Management and auto-start the AppServer & WSA.

1.  Is there a way to auto start TC using OEM instead of needing to start it by hand?  It is not obvious, if this exists.

2.  The PSC bundled TC deployment seems to have the been altered from a standard TC deployment.  The bits to run TC as a service appear to have been removed.

Just trying to make this new environment as hands off as possible.


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  • The tomcat shipped in the box is an older version of Tomcat.  It is meant for development as a convenience for developing REST applications.  It is not setup for a production environment.  As such support for it is intentionally limited. Which includes not having auto start as it is expected to be restarted by PDSOE as needed and not configured as a Windows service. It is only installed with development focused products.

  • Hi Matt, does this answer apply only to OE11.3?  11.7?

  • Hey Bob,

    We are still deploying 11.4 and had to configure Tomcat on a PC ourselves. We then package up and deliver to our customers using Installshield...part of which will create a windows service.

  • Thanks for the info Matt.  I assume I should replace the TC version included in the box with a generic one and re-plumb things like we had done back in 10.2B.
    This is a simple server used to integrate one SOAP based web service to SharePoint.  The dev and production for this one touch point live on the same box.  Not ideal but a reality in many shops.  We are lucky that we do not need to chase new features for TC.  We just need it because the Progress SOAP web service methodology requires a JSE.  I would rather not need to mess with the JSE at all.  I am happy though that at least for the developer, Progress has included a starting point in the box.  Prior to that, this was a mess to configure for a novice.
    The background you shared makes sense to me.  FWIW, I am not sure I would have gotten to this understanding just by reading the docs.
  • The info on the tomcat shipped for REST still applies for 11.7.  No further work has been done to enhance it.  

  • Yes. You should  download and use a version of Tomcat appropriate for you production environment and not rely on the Tomcat that ships with some OpenEdge development products.