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Sequence Oracle to Progress


Sequence Oracle to Progress

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I need help to migrate Sequences from Oracle DB to Progress. How is the best way ?


In Oracle same sequences has a name:  ped_item_nf and on progress is seq-ped-nf

Is the way using Datadirect ?

Best Regards,

Fernando Ferreira

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  • Hi Fernando, if you use Oracle DataServer to interop with the Ora DB, then you can use something along these lines:

    ASSIGN CURRENT-VALUE(seq-ped-nf, 'OldDB') = NEXT-VALUE(ped_item_nf, 'NewDB').

    You can even do that in a loop using DYNAMIC-CURRENT-VALUE and DYNAMIC-NEXT-VALUE. But you need a way to correlate the names.

    Why are you changing names anyway?