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Change to OE Replication properties


Change to OE Replication properties

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Hopefully a simple question. One of my customer sites has OE Replication but the .properties files aren't ideally set up. As a result they have a torrid time when it comes to rebooting servers. They have to reboot in a certain order and mutter various incantations to get things to resynch. 

I want to change the properties to remove much of this effort. So is it just a case of changing the .properties files and restarting the databases? 

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  • Hi James,
    Yes, it can be that straight forward.  And that is required if you are changing the
    for either the source or the target.  You do have the option of changing the source properties file, terminating
    the Replication Server, and then restarting the Replication Server for the change to take effect on the source.   
    There is the option to do the same on the target side if the customer is running 11.6. The target will need to be
    stopped and restarted if they are running a release prior to 11.6.
  • If this is 11.6+, then you don't have to restart databases to re-read files. Restarting server/agent will do that. If this is < 11.6 then you would need to at least bounce a target database and restart replication server (source DB does/would not need restart) to re-read your new

  • Thanks everyone. I'll go for the DB restart as one of the issues we have with this customer is dsrutil terminate server hanging, so the DB goes down anyway. I'm pretty certain it's a config issue as we don't have this issue elsewhere. I might try it on one of the DBs first though to avoid downtime.